Slimeblock Megaplane Map for MCPE

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Slimeblock Megaplane Map is a fully functional airplane entirely made out of redstone parts and slimeblocks. It can hold up to 10 passengers and can fly for an infinite amount of time which surely makes it a fuel efficient aircraft. Use this creation as a blueprint for building a similar airplane in your own world. It’s an amazing creation but with one downside. And that is that it can only fly in one direction.

How to use the airplane?

Follow the orange arrows to find the airplane. Replace the orange clay block at the tail of the airplane to kickstart the engine.

Once the airplane have started to move it’s a bit more difficult to take a seat in one of the boats, but it is possible. There are seats for 10 players currently. (Two seats per boat.)

The airplane will only fly in one direction and the only way to stop it from moving is to destroy the placed redstone block.

Important: We tested this on an Android device and we never got it to work. However, it worked perfectly fine on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

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