Slime Soccer Map for MCPE

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Slime Soccer Map is a really fun and clever multiplayer minigame for 2-4 players. The ball is in fact a slime mob but its size is much similar to soccer ball and you can use different types of sticks to hit the ball. The rules are basically the same as in normal soccer except that you have to keep in mind that the ball will constantly be moving (as it’s a mob) so you won’t always be able to control its position.

How to play Slime Soccer Map?

The map can be played by up to four players. (Two players on each team.) Put on the gear and grab the sticks in the chests. The sticks have different knockback effects and are used for hitting the ball (or slime).


It’s a big soccer field so make sure to work out some good teamwork.


If someone scores a goal then the other team should get the ball and both teams should return to their half of the soccer field.


(Map name in-game: Slime football)

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