Slime Boss Addon for MCPE

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The Slime Boss Addon turns the iron golem into a big and creepy slime boss. Besides the boss there are also many items and blocks which have got complete new textures to be better suited for this addon. It’s a really cool boss to fight as it got unique attacks which will most likely make the fight harder than you possibly imagined.

How to spawn the boss?

The slime boss is spawned just the same way as you would spawn an iron golem. But you will notice some things are different. For example, the iron block and pumpkin are now green.

Your advantage in this fight is that it doesn’t move. Its main attack is shooting magic crystals. If you get hit by one (unarmored) you will lose 7 full hearts.

It will also spawn slime minions (replacing pigs). Fortunately, they have low health (4.5 full hearts) and you can one-shot them with a diamond sword (Sharpness 1).

Zombies and husks have been retextured to look like some creepy slime creature.

The iron armor set and iron tools have new green textures to suit better with this addon.

Here is a list of the remaining blocks and items which have been retextured to give the world a more green and slimy look.

  • Emerald Ore & Block: Ruby
  • Iron Ore: Solid Jelly Ore
  • Iron Ingot: Jelly
  • Pumpkin: Jelly Block
  • Pumpkin Pie: Jelly Cake
  • Iron Tools: Jelly Tools
  • Egg: Magic Crystal

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