Skypiea Super SkyBlock Map for MCPE

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Features of Skypiea Super SkyBlock Map

  1. A new and better cobblestone generator! 2 cobblestones in 1 generator
  2. (First time in a sky survival map) A village!
  3. A mushroom.. not just a land.. but a MUSHROOM TOWER! Twilight Forest’s Mushroom Tower
  4. 3 Spawners! Yes, SPAWNERS. Without monsters. What are you going to do with that? You’ll see.
  5. The Skypiea’s Tower! Where THIRTY-THREE QUESTS are given! (Easy, Normal, Hard, AND! Side Quests)
  6. A Nether Reactor Zone! (It’s just the area where you HAVE to put the Nether Reactor Core.)
  7. A HUGE Emerald Maze! Warning, you might get lost inside..
  8. A “RAGY” Golden Parkour Zone! Not butter… and YES, it might be ragy but it’s really easy..
  9. The HEAVEN! (It has 4 islands connected with RAINBOWS!)
  10. The FEATHER shop! Zombies are not useless anymore..
  11. The GUNPOWDER shop! Creepers will run for their lives now. XD)
  12. The Pyramid and Zeus’ Temple! (Both of them can be found in the Heaven, you can live there! :D)
  13. A Creeper GRINDER! More gunpowders, more DIAMONDS!
  14. (Last but REALLY not the least!) THE GIANT HEROBRINE! Beat HIM and you’ve just beat the whole map! And it’s REALLY not that easy..

Screenshots of Skypiea Super SkyBlock Map

Starting Island

Other Islands
Cobblestone Generator
Mushroom Tower
Nether Reactor Zone
The Creeper Grinder
The Heaven
Zeus’ Temple
Heaven’s Pyramid (inside)
Feather and Gunpowder Shop
The Village
The Skypiea Tower
The Emerald Maze
The Golden Parkour (once again.. not butter)


Skypiea Super SkyBlock Map is the real map where the CHALLENGE is in YOU! Just don’t snag everything on the shops and destroy establishments.. You can expand any island EXCEPT the Skypiea Tower, Feather Shop, and the Gunpowder Shop, and also, please don’t cheat on the quests.. The tower is made without any flaws or glitches, you won’t glitch there so please, don’t destroy any blocks in there. Also at the Parkour and Maze, you can only destroy the signs there. Just please play fairly and respect the rules, don’t just demolish the islands. But! Of course you can do everything. Well it’s your save map. But if ever that you’re going to play my map, you can just turn on creative mode first and explore the whole map, then start a let’s play after that. Just play it fair, that’s all. AND ALSO! (I forgot this one.. my bad guys!) If ever that you haven’t get any drop of an oak sapling at the starting island, you can just restart your map.
Cobblestone Generator
To produce 2 cobblestones at once, just stand at the center of the generators, then just simple mine the cobblestones. So get your pickaxes ready!
The Heavens
There’s only one way to get there, and that is by building blocks up to the Heavens with a bucket of water in your inventory to get there easier the next time.
Creeper Grinder
There’s only one way to get there, and that is by building blocks up to the Heavens with a bucket of water in your inventory to get there easier the next time.
Creeper Grinder
The Creeper Grinder is that Obsidian thing.
At every quests, there’s a requested item. For example 8 Charcoals, you should have 8 Charcoals to get the reward 3 Iron Ingots.

Once you’ve collected 8 Charcoals, you can turn in your quest at the TURN IN CHEST. To proceed, just break the PROCEED SIGN.Also there’s a REWARD CHEST.The same process goes at every quests.

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