SkyFight Addon Map for MCPE

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For 1.1.0
Author: TheEnderface Author twitter:
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SkyFight PvE is a really cool map in which you will be able to fight mobs in an arena battle. There is also a system set up for choosing classes and controlling the world settings. At this point it’s a quite basic map but hopefully more features (such as more levels and a more complex leveling system) could be added in a future update of the map.

How to play?

Begin by selecting a class. This is done simply by pressing one of the buttons. You can see your active class on the brick wall.

  • Swordsman
    • Iron Sword
    • Golden Apples
  • Archer
    • Bow
    • Arrows
  • Pyro
    • Fire Sword
    • Fireballs
  • Wither
    • Nether Sword
    • Wither Potion
  • Enderman
    • Endersword
    • Ender Pearls

There are a couple of other things (such as time of day and weather) which you can configure at the lobby as well. But once you are done then it’s time to head into the arena.

Once you’ve entered the arena there will be a short countdown and as soon it says “Get Ready!” you’ll get your weapons and then it’s really time to get ready.

Currently there’s just one level and if you are used to fighting in Minecraft it won’t really come as an extremely difficult challenge. But hopefully more levels will be added in the future.

You can trade with a villager to purchase the Ender Key Crystal. It is required for opening the Enderbox which can be unlocked to get a random set of items for free.