SimpleCommands Mod for MCPE 0.14.3

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Author: ZSchoki, Toxdev Author twitter:
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A common problem as soon a new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition is available is that Toolbox, BlockLauncher and other tools take some time to be updated. But there’s no need to worry anymore because the SimpleCommands Mod adds all the necessary commands you need to easier manage your gameplay. By the use of some simple commands you can change the weather, time of day and gamemode. In total it includes includes more than fifteen different commands.


  • /about
  • /help
  • /coords
  • /lvl
  • /give (click here for items/blocks IDs)
  • /timeset
  • /home
  • /time
  • /world
  • /weather
  • /kill
  • /heal
  • /gamemode (0=survival, 1=creative)
  • /fly
  • /tp
  • /spawnpoint