Simple Basketball Mod for MCPE

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Simple Basketball Mod adds the possibility to play basketball in Minecraft. You can spawn basketball hoops, throw basketballs and pick them up. It’s a quite basic mod but definitely worth a download if you like basketball.

How to play basketball?

To play basketball you will need a Basketball Hoop (looks like a wooden hoe tool) and the Basketball. Neither of the two can be crafted. That’s why we recommend to use creative mode to play this mod.

  • Basketball Hoop (500)
  • Basketball (255)

Use the Basketball Hoop to spawn a basketball hoop structure. (Use the Superflat World Layers GUI to create flat worlds with a wooden floor as seen in the image down below.)


To throw the basketball hold it on your hand and press the Shoot button on the right side of the screen. If you aimed at the hoop and actually hit it there’s a 50% chance it will score.

In this case, I missed the hoop. Tap on the basketball to pick it up again.


It should be possible to set up a game and play with your friends.

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