Shulker Defense System Addon for MCPE

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Upgrade the security of your base to use the latest Shulker Defense System. The shulker’s behavior have been changed to make it friendly towards player and hostile towards mobs like zombies, skeletons and other evil mobs which are usual in the Minecraft universe.

How does it work?

Place the shulkers on a few different strategic positions around your base. (You can find them in the creative inventory as spawn eggs.)

They are no longer hostile towards the player so so can safely switch back to survival mode once you’ve spawned them.

A shulker projectile will inflict both damage and a levitation effect. Every hostile mob runs the risk of being shot at if it gets too close to a shulker. It’s the perfect defense system for your base.

The only downside which I have noticed on a few occasions is that it sometimes teleports. Hopefully this can be resolved in a future update of the addon.

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