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A shulker box is an official feature available in the PC version for Minecraft. However, Pocket Edition is still a little behind and doesn’t have this feature yet. But if you can’t wait and want shulker boxes in your game right now then give this mod a try. They are not completely the same. For example, they don’t have any animation and there are also some bugs.

How does it work?

Shulker boxes function similar to normal chests. Place one down on the ground and use it to store your items and blocks.

  • Shulker Box (ID: 229) – 2 Shulker Shells + 1 Chest

However, there is one major benefit using a shulker box instead of an ordinary chest. It’s mobile! If you break a shulker chest which contains items then it will keep the items in the chest.

And then when you go to place it down somewhere else the items can be found again in the same chest. That’s really useful if you are often moving around and find normal chests to be a hassle.

You can only place a shulker box if there’s an air block above it. This means it doesn’t fit in tight spaces but that’s a minor drawback compared to what its capabilities.

Use any type of dye to change a shulker box’s color. Just tap on it with the dye. It will never affect the items contained inside the chest.

Known Bugs

  • Don’t place two shulker boxes together
  • Can’t be opened from above

Important: This mod requires Android and works for apps such as BlockLauncher.

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