Shulker Boxes Addon for MCPE

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The shulker box is a feature in the PC version of Minecraft. It will likely be a feature in Pocket Edition soon seeing as we now have shulkers in version 1.0.0. This addon replaces the shulker mob with a shulker box which can be used for storing items. But since you can only get it using a spawn egg it’s honestly not that useful in survival mode.

What does it do?

The one and only purpose of this is addon is a shulker box which can be used for storing items (27 slots). You can only get it by using the shulker mob spawn egg and this means that it limits the use to only creative mode.

Either way, it’s a cool thing if you want to experience something similar of what’s most likely going to exist in a future update of the game.

It does lack some of the features which exist in PC, like the animation, but keep in mind that addons are still quite limited.