Sand War Tank Addon for MCPE

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The War Tank Addon features one of the most realistic tanks I have ever seen created for Minecraft and in this case specifically for Pocket Edition. It is based on a German tank known as Tiger I and the similarities are just astonishing. The tank is an incredibly strong vehicle which can withstand a lot of damage and be used in battles as a powerful mobile weapon against other players or mobs.

How to control the tank?

To drive the tank you will first need to find one. As tanks replace witches they can be found spawning naturally in swamp biomes. But if you want to make things easier for you then I recommend that you use a witch spawn egg to spawn one. Tank health: 60 hearts.

  • iOS / Android: Walk to the center of the tank, long press and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Find the center of the tank and right-click it to enter the driving seat

To control the tank you will need to hold a tank shell (egg). To fire a rocket you have to throw a tank shell (egg) while driving the tank.

The tank has a storage container with 27 available slots. Here you can store all your necessities.

  • iOS / Android: Sneak, long press on the tank and press Open or drive the tank and open the normal inventory
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right click or drive the tank and open the normal inventory

There are three different resource packs (also known as texture packs) which you can choose between. The tank model is based on on Tiger I which was a tank used by the Germans during World War II.


The attention to detail is just amazing. Here are a couple of images from a few different sides.