Sand Scrambler Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.2
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Sand Scrambler is a minigame where each player is given a flint & steel and then have to enter a room made out of mostly wood. The players are allowed to set the ceiling on fire and after a while sand will fall down. The last player standing who hasn’t yet been suffocated by the sand is the winner. This is the first time we have posted such a map on the website and I gotta say it’s a pretty fun minigame!

How to play?

Take a flint & steel each from the chest. Then enter the arena and wait for all players to join. (Do not use the flint and steel yet.)

As soon as everyone have entered the arena then spread out inside the arena and start a countdown from 5. Once it has started you are supposed to set the birch wood (ceiling) on fire using the flint & steel. I recommend that you set a use limit per user otherwise it will end too quickly.

The objective is to avoid getting suffocated by the sand which will come falling down from the ceiling.