Rugged Jungle Mansion for MCPE

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This mansion is the perfect base for anyone who want to own their own huge mansion situated in a jungle. It has lots of room to fit plenty of people. One unusual (but a bit funny) part of the house is a village which is situated on the inside of the house. Yes, this sounds a bit strange but that’s the case. At least then you are never alone as you will always have villagers around you.

Inside this enormous mansion you will find six big rooms. Some rooms have been built for specific purposes, like this enchantment room.

You are never very far from the Nether. Just go to the Nether room and enter the portal to go there.

One room is designed just for farming. This is to make sure that anyone who lives in the mansion is always kept fed and happy.

One big part of the mansion is the “inside village” which is situated inside the mansion and protected by a glass roof.

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