RPG Map for MCPE

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For 0.16.0
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RGP is the map build with the IV century topic. This map is beautiful enough for you to have the best experience, beside that with the amazing story you can enjoy the game with the best emotion.
Here, you play a young warrior who will have to save the world from wickedness. You will perform different tasks of varying complexity and get a reward. By setting modes you can take / complete quests and make purchases tapom. The map is very beautiful buildings, good story, and most importantly, easy to manage quests only tapnuv on plate. Quests are on the plates on which was written the number, only the first part of the 12 quests. There are quests that go on through the story quests is that you can do immediately. We made a small dungeon where you fight the first boss in a cave not far from the church.
You will discover the story when you joy the game.