Rock Paper Scissors Map for MCPE 0.12.3

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Rock Paper Scissors Map is a game dating back almost two thousands years, at least if you are to believe the writings of a Chinese author back in the 17th century. It’s a quite simple game where two opponents compete by using their hands to form the shape of a stone, scissors or a paper and then based on their choices a winner is picked.

How to play?

To play Rock Paper Scissors Map two players are required, no more and no less. The map is based on a complex redstone algorithm which detects choices of each player and then calculates a winner.

Here are the golden rules for Rock Paper Scissors Map:

  • Scissors beats paper
  • Paper  beats rock
  • Rock beats scissors

Stand on each side of the iron wall to ensure you can’t see what option your opponent decides on and then make your own choice.



Then turn around and look at the wall of blocks and lamps behind you to see who have won. If you picked the same option it’s a draw, meaning, neither of you won.

To play another round just make sure all levers are turned up and then go again.


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