Robot Horse Addon for MCPE

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This add-on implements a four-legged mechanical horse to the game. It’s much more powerful than an ordinary horse since it got the abilities to run faster, withstand more damage and jump higher. The robot revolution is finally here and the first to be replaced is a horse. Who would have known.

How to get a robot horse?

It doesn’t spawn naturally in the world so that means you will have to spawn it yourself by using a zombie horse spawn egg.

Taming the robot horse works much similar to taming an ordinary horse. It’s weird, but just sit on the horse until it likes you. You’ll see some heart particles when it’s done. To control the horse you need to add a saddle to the horse inventory.

The mechanical horse needs frequent repairing. You can repair the horse by feeding it diamonds, iron ingots or gold ingots.

The horse is very strong (35-40 hearts) and can jump incredible heights. It’s also much faster than most horses.

General Horse Information

  • Replaces zombie horse
  • Health: 35-40 hearts
  • Fast and jumps high
  • Feedable with iron, gold or diamond (heals the horse)
  • It gradually loses health (heal it with any of the above)
  • Ability to store items and blocks (always have a saddle in the first row)
  • Drops sometimes robot horse spawn egg
  • Hurt by water