Reinforced Bow Mod for MCPE

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The Reinforcement Bow Mod adds a couple of new features for the bow. For example, you can change the speed of the arrow and also the damage, depending on which mode you switch to. Yes, it’s a very simple mod but nonetheless worth to download because the features are really fun to play around with.

How to use the bow?

Double tap on the screen while holding a bow to switch between the different bow modes. There are three different modes to choose from:

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Increased attack damage, delayed arrow
  • 2 = Perfect aim, arrow is never affected by gravity

Even though it’s a simple mod it definitely adds some useful features to the bow which should greatly impact how you will use the bow from here on.

The best way to really get an idea what this mod is all about is to watch the short showcase video down below. It’s much easier to demonstrate the functionality of these kind of mods in videos.

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For 0.15.3
Author: 佑蒼 Author twitter:
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