Redstone Tour Map for MCPE

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This map includes 23 different redstone creations. Some of them include a mob farm, food farms and fountains. It’s a great way to be inspired and get some ideas what next to build in your own worlds. All of the signs in the map are in Spanish. But don’t worry, they are all quite easy to understand without reading the signs.

One of the first creations is a mob farm. Press a button to spawn the mobs and then use a lever to suffocate them. It might sound very cruel but it’s a very efficient way to farm mobs.

Another creation features two fountains. One made out of water and another made out of lava. You can toggle them on and off by the use of a button.

Enter the house and press the button to toggle the lava wall. This is the ultimate solution for keeping you safe during the night.

This is a semi-automatic sugarcane farm. Press the button to harvest the sugarcanes.

This is a TNT launcher which will shoot you up into the air.

Here is one of several armor wardrobes. Step on the pressure plate to equip the gear.

As soon as the chest is opened hundreds of poisoned arrows will be fired at the intruder.

This is cobblestone generator.

There are lots of other redstones creations but those we’ll let you explore by yourself.

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