Redstone Calculator Map for MCPE 0.13.0

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Redstone Calculator Map is a fully functional redstone calculator which can perform the basic process of addition on two numbers and then printing the result on a screen made out of wooden blocks and glowstones. It’s a great map to demonstrate the possibilities redstone provide in the latest version (0.13.0) of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

How to use the Redstone Calculator Map?

At this point the calculator can only use addition but in the future it will be able to use subtraction and multiplication as well. By default it starts from zero.


Walk up to the the numeric keypad and select the first number. In this example we selected number 9.


Find the plus button and press it. Then return to the numeric keypad and select the second number. In this example we chose number 8.


Wait a few seconds for the redstone structure to process the numbers and have them displayed on the screen display (glowstones). And as you can see the result was 17 which is very much true.


Here’s an overview of the entire Redstone Calculator Map. Looks pretty advanced, don’t you think?


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