Recyclable Arrows Addon for MCPE

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Do you often find yourself running out of arrows? I know I sure do and it’s always a pain to get new ones. However, by using this add-on you will be able to recycle arrows which you’ve fired. It’s extremely useful if you are out hunting and don’t want to continuously have to craft new ones. Just pick up the ones which you’ve used from the ground and use them again.

How does it work?

Let’s say you take a shot at a horse. The arrow will go straight through the horse and land on the ground.

Find the arrow and pick it up. The difference is simply that now you can pick up arrows which you’ve used to hurt a mob. Previously that wasn’t possible because the arrow was considered broken.

A downside (or it depends how you look at it) is that the arrows one-shot-kills most mobs. Personally, I would have preferred if they didn’t. But perhaps it’s necessary to make this possible at all.