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The raptors can be used for everything from riding to just keep as companions to help protect you against all kinds of dangers. You can also use them to store your blocks and items which can come handy if you like to go on great adventures. If you are fascinated by dinosaurs or just love the idea of owning a raptor then this is a must-have add-on for you!


You can only tame raptors which are anywhere between stage one and stage three in their growth progress. Raptors replace pigs and can be found spawning in most biomes in the Overworld.


Growth Stages:

  • Stage 1:
    • Baby raptor
    • Health
      • Wild: 3 hearts
      • Tamed: 4 hearts, harmless,
    • Follows their mother
    • Tame with any kind of meat (taming chance: 50%)
    • Can be ordered to sit/stand
  • Stage 2:
    • Still quite small
    • Health
      • Wild: 5 hearts
      • Health: 7.5 hearts
    • Follows their mother
    • Tame with any kind of meat (taming chance: 33%)
    • Can be ordered to sit/stand
  • Stage 3:
    • Getting bigger
    • Health
      • Wild: 7.5 hearts
      • Tamed: 12.5 hearts
    • Attack damage:
      • Wild: 4
      • Tamed: 5
    • Independent (no longer following their mother)
    • Hunts small animals like chickens and rabbits
    • Neutral towards the player
    • Tame with any kind of meat (taming chance: 25%)
    • Can be ordered to sit/stand
  • Stage 4:
    • Medium sized
    • Health
      • Wild: 12.5 hearts
      • Tamed: 20 hearts
    • Attack damage:
      • Wild: 5
      • Tamed: 7
    • Hostile towards the player
    • Attacks sheep and cows
    • Can’t be tamed
    • Can be saddled (if tamed)
    • Tie with a leash
  • Stage 5:
    • Big and hostile
    • Health
      • Wild: 20 hearts
      • Tamed: 30 hearts
    • Attack damage:
      • Wild: 6
      • Tamed: 10
    • Attacks large animals and players
    • Tie with a leash

To tame one you will need to feed it any kind of meat.

  • Android: Hold meat in your hand, long-tap on the raptor and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold meat in your hand and right-click on the raptor


If you don’t feed them anything it will take around 30 minutes for a small raptor to grow into full size. If you want to accelerate this process you can feed them more meat.


Once it’s tamed it will follow the player and protect him or her against any harm.


Raptors between stage one and three can be commanded to sit or stand. Once they get bigger (stage 4-5) they won’t listen to any orders and instead you will have to leash them to a fence post if you want them to stop following you.


Riding & Storage

You can ride a tamed raptor by first placing a saddle on it.

  • Android: Long-tap on it with a saddle and press Saddle. To ride it long-tap on it with an iron sword and press Ride.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on it with a saddle. Then right click on it again with an iron sword to ride it.


A tamed raptor can also be used to carry your blocks and items. Simply press the inventory button while riding it to open the chest. It has 27 slots.



You can breed two raptors by feeding them one piece of meat each. Once they’ve made some sweet, beautiful raptor love a small baby raptor will spawn. You have to wait around 3 minutes before you can breed them after you’ve grown them.

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