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This texture pack replaces the name and textures for a bunch of weapons, tools, food items and even a few blocks. A really cool feature which is the first time ever I’ve seen it done for addons is the new names. For example, Golden Helmets has been renamed to King’s Crown. The textures are also unique and lets you experience Minecraft a little differently!

New Items (Textures & Names)

Crafting recipes are the same as before.

  • Food
    • Cheese (Melon)
    • Doughnut (Cookie)
    • Enchanted Golden Mango (Enchanted Golden Apple)
    • Fries (Baked Potato)
    • Golden Mango (Golden Apple)
    • Mango (Apple)
    • Tomato (Beetroot)
    • Tomato Soup (Beetroot Soup)
  • Tools & Weapons
    • Bullet (Arrow)
    • Chainsaw (Diamond Axe)
    • Crab’s Claw (Wooden Sword)
    • Knife (Stone Sword)
    • Scissors (Shears)
    • Sniper (Bow)
    • War Axe (Iron Axe)
  • Armors
    • King’s Crown (Golden Helmet)
    • Cardboard Wings (Elytra)
  • Blocks
    • Cheese Block (Melon Block)
    • Tomato Crops (Beetroot Crops)
  • Other
    • Tomato Seeds (Beetroot Seeds)