Project Superhero Mod for MCPE

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Project Superhero adds eight well known superheroes to the world of Minecraft. By becoming each superhero you get access to all their superhuman abilities as well as some special items specifically designed for each character. Some of the included superheroes are Deadpool, Spiderman and Superman. You will love this if you are into superheroes!

How to become a superhero?

All the items and armor required for becoming a superhero can only be obtained by using the creative inventory. If you want to get the items in survival mode you can use the SimpleCommands mod and give yourself the items (/give).

Nightcrawler is a mutant whose abilities include amazing agility and he also masters teleporting. He’s like a mutant ninja (but not a turtle!).

He does have two special items. The teleporting device can be used by pressing the lr button on the right side of the screen. And he also got a quite powerful sword.

  • Nightcrawler’s Teleport Device (1009)
  • Nightcrawler’s Sword (1010)
  • Nightcrawler’s Mask (1005)
  • Nightcrawler’s Chest (1006)
  • Nightcrawler’s Pants (1007)
  • Nightcrawler’s Boots (1008)

Martian Manhunter has got all the skills and abilities to be a really good detective. Strength, speed and resistance are just a few of his biological advantages.

img of martian, side by side, character + walking through wall

Martian Manhunter’s special items include a transparency device which when activated can help him walk through walls. (While walking through walls your skin will turn black) He also has a flying device.

  • Martian Manhunter’s Transparent Device (ON) (1015)
  • Martian Manhunter’s Transparent Device (OFF) (1016)
  • Martian Manhunter’s Flying Device (1017)
  • Martian Manhunter’s Mask (1011)
  • Martian Manhunter’s Chest (1012)
  • Martian Manhunter’s Pants (1013)
  • Martian Manhunter’s Boots (1014)

Wolverine is a mutant who have some amazing strength, the ability to regenerate health very quickly and amazing claws to rip apart his enemies.

  • Wolverine’s Claws (1022)
  • Wolverine’s Mask (1018)
  • Wolverine’s Chest (1019)
  • Wolverine’s Pants (1020)
  • Wolverine’s Boots (1021)

Spiderman has the speed and agility of a spider. His special item includes a web tool which when used (tap on the ground) spawns loads of cobweb around him. It will trap any attacking mobs.

  • Spiderman’s Web (1027)
  • Spiderman’s Mask (1023)
  • Spiderman’s Chest (1024)
  • Spiderman’s Pants (1025)
  • Spiderman’s Boots (1026)

Deadpool isn’t your ordinary superhero. He has a dark sense of humour and traits which let’s say Superman surely doesn’t have!

His two items includes a katana and a teleporter. Tap on the ground with the teleporter to teleport!

  • Deadpool’s Katana (1032)
  • Deadpool’s Teleporter (1033)
  • Deadpool’s Mask (1028)
  • Deadpool’s Chest (1029)
  • Deadpool’s Pants (1030)
  • Deadpool’s Shoes (1031)

The Hulk is green and incredibly strong. His two items include a hand which when used will boost him up into the sky. The other item is an explosive hand which when used will blow up everything around him.

  • Hulk’s Hand (1038)
  • Hulk’s Explosive (1039)
  • Hulk’s Head (1034)
  • Hulk’s Chest (1035)
  • Hulk’s Pants (1036)
  • Hulk’s Feet (1037)

Superman have almost all abilities which exist. Some of them include flying, super speed, incredible strength, super agility, regeneration, fire resistance and water breathing. He also got a laser mechanism (an item)

Superman’s Laser item has two abilities. Tap on the ground active and deactive flying mode. You can also press the Laser button on the right side of the screen to shoot a burning arrow.

  • Superman’s Laser (1044)
  • Superman’s Mask (1040)
  • Superman’s Chest (1041)
  • Superman’s Pants (1042)
  • Superman’s Boots (1043)

Flash main thing is his ability to run faster than any other superhero.

  • Flash Mask (1001)
  • Flash Chest (1002)
  • Flash Pants (1003)
  • Flash Shoes (1004)