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PokeCraft is an incredibly promising Pokémon mod which is exclusively being created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This version is the first beta and includes features such as a two new mobs and the possibility to catch Pokémon using poke balls. This version was released to give you an idea of what’s to come but also to get feedback and let you help shape the future of this mod.

Getting Started

Before getting started we highly recommend to download and use one of the Pokémon player skins to really make it look as if you were playing a Pokémon game.

Once you’ve loaded a world it will take another 15-20 seconds before the Pokémon mobs start spawning. As this is the first beta version only two Pokémon exist and they are Charmander and Charmeleon. More Pokémon will be added in one of the next versions to come.

The features are quite limited at the moment. You can catch Pokémon but you can’t spawn them. To catch one equip one of the poke balls, aim at a Pokémon and then long-tap on the screen to attempt to catch it.

If you are successful a message will show up in the text chat and a poke ball will appear on the ground. Walk up to it and pick it up.

As mentioned before, you can’t spawn a caught Pokémon but this is something which will be added in a later version of this mod.

That’s all of the features for now. Remember, this is the first beta. Some of the upcoming features are the following:

  • Improved catch/spawn system
  • Battle system
  • Poke Centers
  • And more!

Discuss ideas in the comments and help shape the future of this mod!

Item IDs

There are many more items than the ones listed here. However, since this is a beta version most of them have no features. Down below you will only find items which can be used in-game. For now, none of the items have crafting recipes.

  • Delete Pokemon (2003)
  • Poke Ball (1000)
  • Master Ball (1001)
  • Ultra Ball (1002)
  • Great Ball (1003)
  • Safari Ball (1004)
  • Net Ball (1005)
  • Lure Ball (1006)
  • Level Ball (1007)
  • Dive Ball (1008)
  • Moon Ball (1009)
  • Nest Ball (1010)
  • Dusk Ball (1011)
  • Heal Ball (1012)
  • Quick Ball (1013)
  • Repeat Ball (1014)
  • Timer Ball (1015)
  • Luxury Ball (1016)
  • Premier Ball (1017)
  • Fast Ball (1018)
  • Friend Ball (1019)
  • Cherish Ball (1020)
  • Love Ball (1021)
  • Park Ball (1022)
  • Sport Ball (1023)
  • Heavy Ball (1024)
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