Pocket Manager Mod for MCPE

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Pocket Manager is the perfect addition to the game if you want to have greater control over your gameplay. By the use of an easy to use interface you can add items to your inventory, switch gamemode, manage the weather and access many other neat features which greatly enhance the efficiency of gameplay management.


  • Item picker
  • Clear inventory
  • Restore health & hunger
  • Set spawnpoint
  • Switch gamemode
  • Change weather
  • Time set
  • Customizable GUI

How to use Pocket Manager?

Once you’ve loaded up a world there will be a PM (Pocket Manager) button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The position of the button can be customized in the settings of this mod.

The graphical user interface is very easy to understand.

Select one of the items in the list. Use the slider to change the amount you want to receive. Here you can also see the recipe for the item if one exists.

And on the left there’s a couple of different buttons which lets you change gamemode, weather, restore health and hunger and setting a new spawnpoint.

Use the settings to configure the position of the PM button and the size of the slider button.

To exit Pocket Manager simply press the Exit button.