Pocket Furniture Mod for MCPE 0.14.3

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In SURVIVAL mode: Type /items in chat to add items

The Pocket Furniture Mod adds 9 different furniture to the game. Some of the furnitures are two different cabinets, a toilet, bar stools and a toaster. They are all used for decorating your worlds. The only downside currently is that their position doesnt save on exiting a world. But as this is an early beta we are likely to see a fix for that soon.

How to get the furniture?

All items are available in CREATIVE mode.
In SURVIVAL mode: Type /items in chat to add items.
You can use commands mod such as X-Commands and use /give ID AMOUNT. To find all the IDs scroll down further down on this page.

The furniture are entities (or mob replacements) and as a result some things are bugged. If you return to a world in which youve previously placed furniture you will notice that they have come to life. So basically youll see toasters and toilets running around like mobs. Is this annoying? Yes, a little. But hopefully this is something well see fixed in a future update.
The Wrench (623) can be used to rotate a furniture. It will spawn a boat which the furniture is put in. You will then have to board the boat and turn in the direction you want the furniture to face. Leave the boat and then destroy it and the facing direction should be fixed.

Bin (601)
Basin (602)
Toaster (603)
Bedside Cabinet (604)
Bedside Cabinet (605)
Bar Stool Black (606)
Bar Stool Blue (607)
Bar Stool Brown (608)
Bar Stool Cyan (609)
Bar Stool Gray (610)
Bar Stool Green (611)
Bar Stool Light Blue (612)
Bar Stool Light Gray (613)
Bar Stool Lime (614)
Bar Stool Magenta (615)
Bar Stool Orange (616)
Bar Stool Pink (617)
Bar Stool Purple (618)
Bar Stool Red (619)
Bar Stool Yellow (620)
Blinds (621)
Toilet (622)
Wrench (623)

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