PlusMobs Addon for MCPE

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The PlusMobs addon adds three new types of mobs to the game. One of them is a giant zombie and the others are two new baby creatures for the skeleton and the enderman. It’s really cool as it makes use of the latest modding features in version 0.16.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

How does it work?

All of the new mobs will spawn randomly in your world. You can also use a spawn egg to spawn them.

For example, you can use a zombie spawn egg to spawn a giant zombie. But the spawn rate is quite low so you might have to spawn a bunch of normal sized zombies before you succeed in spawning a big one.

Giant Zombie

A giant zombie is huge and can do as much as twice the damage compared to a normal zombie.

  • Health: 40 (normal zombies have 20)
  • Size: 5 times larger than a normal zombie
  • Speed: 2 times faster than a normal zombie
  • Damage: 8 (3 = normal zombie)

Baby Skeleton

It’s fast and equipped with a sword.

Baby Enderman

This one has almost the same properties as to the ordinary enderman. The main difference is that it’s smaller and faster.

Baby Stray

It is equipped with a random type of sword and inflicts a slowness effect to the player.

Baby Wither Skeleton

The drop rate for a wither skeleton skull is increased to 30% for baby wither skeletons.

Giant Husk

It is similar to the giant zombie except that it’s a husk.


There are archer versions for the wither skeleton, zombie and zombie pigman.