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In SURVIVAL mode: Type /pixelmon in chat to add items

Pixelmon PE is an advanced pocket monster mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Even though its currently released as a beta version it has loads of features and many of them work quite well. You can catch pocket monster, duel others and use items such as the Pokedex to view detailed information about your pocket monster. Even for the fact its still being in beta it definitely is very fun to use and is most definitely worth testing out!

Toolbox is incompatible with this mod. We recommend using the SimpleCommands mod to get some of the items.

Getting Started

When first entering a new survival world a pocket monster type selection menu will pop up. In this case we selected the option furthest to the left known as Bulbasaur (grass).

You will have the following items by default in the inventory. Further down there is a detailed description of each item.

Poke Ball x 5
Poke Balls

To spawn your pocket monster begin by selecting it by pressing one of the pocket monster icons in the top-right corner of the screen. Then use a Poké Ball to spawn it. To despawn it tap on the pocket monster again.
Some Poké Balls require some type of apricorn to be crafted. Apricorns can be harvested by breaking the tree which looks as seen in the image below.

There are four types of apricorn trees: red (common), yellow (rare), blue (super rare) and black (ultra rare). They spawn randomly in the world. After youve collected at least one it can be planted on the ground to grow more and they dont require any water to grow.
Poké Ball (501) : 1 Poké Ball Up + 1 redstone + 1 Poké Ball Down
Poké Ball Up (504) : 3 Red Apricorns
Poké Ball Down (507) : 4 iron ingots
Ultra Ball (502) : 1 Ultra Ball Up + 1 redstone + 1 Poké Ball Down
Ultra Ball Up (505) : 2 Black Apricorns + 1 Yellow Apricorn
Master Ball (503) : 1 Master Ball Up + 1 Poké Ball + 1 Poké Ball Down
Master Ball Up (506) : 2 Pink Apricorns + 3 Purple Apricorns + 1 iron ingot
(to find a list of all other items, e.g. Apricorns, scroll down to the bottom)
pocket monster Battles and Catching pocket monster

Dueling other pocket monster helps your own pocket monster to gain experience and reach higher levels. If you want to catch another pocket monster you must first challenge it in a duel and win.
To start a duel tap on one of your pocket monster in the area which is marked in red in the image below and then tap on the pocket monster you want to fight.
At this point your own pocket monster should spawn and a menu should be displayed in the bottom of the screen displaying a few different options.

Attack: attack the other pocket monster
pocket monster: switch to another pocket monster
Backpack: opens a backpack
Run: escape the battle
In this case we selected the Attack option and Bulbasaur immediately started to attack Caterpie. In the text chat it will say how much health each pocket monster have and in this case it looked like Bulbasaur was losing so we chose to escape the battle (press Run).
If a pocket monster is hurt you can use a PokeCenter to heal it. Simply select the hurt pocket monster and then tap on the PokeCenter.


The PokeCenter is a placeable block which can be used for healing a hurt pocket monster. Simply place the block down on the ground and then tap on it to heal it.

PokeCenter (23) : 7 iron ingots + 1 glass block + 1 redstone


This item can only be used on your own pocket monster. Tap on a pocket monster with the item and a window will show up displaying all different kind of information.

Some of the test will be in Spanish. As of now the mod only exists as a Spanish version, but in the future its highly likely an English version will exist as well.

Pokedex (3000) : 2 iron ingots + 3 glass blocks + 4 redstones

Leveling Up

Some of the items can be used for feeding your pocket monster and helping it to level up. At the time we reviewed this it didnt work but as soon the bug is fixed well make sure to update this part.

Neither of the items can be crafted at this point.

Rare Candy (3001)
Thunderstone (3002)
Waterstone (3003)
Moonstone (3004)
Leafstone (3005)
Firestone (3006)
Duskstone (3007)
Dawnstone (3008)
Other Item/Block ID
Red Apricorns (3015)
Black Apricorns (3019)
Purple Apricorns (3018)
Yellow Apricorns (3016)
Pink Apricorns (3020)
Blue Apricorn (3017)
Red Bonguri (3009)
Yellow Bonguri (3010)
Blue Bonguri (3011)
Black Bonguri (3013)
Purple Bonguri (3012)
Pink Bonguri (3014)

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