Piggy vs Piggy Map for MCPE

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Piggy vs Piggy is a minigame where multiple players can compete against each other in a race by riding on pigs. A pig is much weaker than a horse and that creates quite a challenge as you have to get through a number of different obstacles. It’s a quite fun map to play and especially against other players.

How to play?

This map can be played by up to four players. Grab a suit, a carrot on a stick, a saddle and a pig spawn egg from one of the chests. Suit up and then place down a pig on the ground. Place a saddle on the pig’s back and then use a carrot on a stick to ride it.

Once everyone are ready drop an item in the hole as seen in the image down below. After 10 seconds or so the game starts.

Use the carrot on a stick to steer the direction of the pig. You are responsible to make sure not to get stuck at different obstacles.

Throughout the running course you will come across multiple different obstacles. For example, one obstacle includes passing through some cobweb and another to walk through a labyrinth.

Here you can see the entire track. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of challenges but that is what makes it a fun map.

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