Pig Bot Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which turns pigs into cyborgs. A cyborg is usually a human being which have integrated some type of technology in his body. This addon is like a futuristic upgrade of the pig. It has the ability to walk through fire without being hurt and shoot fireballs. The best thing about it is that you can tame one and keep as your personal piggyguard.

How does it work?

Pig bots are slightly larger than a normal pig (which it replaces) and also much faster. It’s a neutral mob which means it will protect itself if it’s being attacked.

To tame one you will need to get your hands on some golden carrots. It’s recommended to get at least 10 golden carrots in order to successfully tame one. (Android / iOS: Long-tap and press Tame, Windows 10: Right-click.) If you succeeded taming one it will start following you around and also protect you against any dangerous mobs.

One of its main abilities is its ability to withstand extreme heat. In other words, it’s immune to fire.

A tamed pig bot will shoot fireballs at its enemies. An untamed pig will just run toward its enemy and headbutt it.

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