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Author: SirZeus, Sprintermax, Hawt Dawg Man Author twitter:
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The graphical user interface on the PC version of Minecraft looks a little bit different than Pocket Edition. This is an addon (or rather a resource pack) which takes some of the PC GUI design and implements it in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Besides the GUI it also adds a PC texture for the observer block.

The health and hunger bars have been moved to be placed above the hotbar.

The observer have the same texture as on PC.

The start screen looks completely different. The Mojang logo will appear for a few seconds and then fade out. The Customize button leads to the skins page.

All Features

  • Start screen
  • Fading Mojang logo
  • Chat screen
  • Containers look like PC
  • Pause screen
  • HUD screen
  • New texture for observer
  • Death screen
  • New icons
  • New effects icons
  • Water and lava looks like PC