Pause Mod for MCPE 0.13.0

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In the PC version pausing is easily done by using the ESC (short for escape) button but in Minecraft Pocket Edition there’s no way to pause the game.
The Pause Mod adds a pause button to the game which make pausing a possibility. Whenever you need a timeout just hit the pause button. Perhaps you are being chased by monsters or maybe you are required for a task in real life. It’s a really simple mod but it can be used for many occasions.

How to Pause Mod the game?

If you have ever played during the night you’ve most likely experienced monsters chasing you. It’s not a nice feeling, especially when you have no weapons to defend yourself.

If you choose to install this mod you will have an option to pause the game at any time. Just tap the pause button in the top-right corner of the screen, relax and rethink your situation.


This is one of those mods which are difficult to describe with just text and images. That’s why we put together a little video preview of the mod. In the video you can see how the player is being chased by a couple of zombies. But by using the pause button the player managed to switch to creative mode (using the SimpleCommands mod).

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