Overpowered Tools With Commands Map for MCPE

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For 1.1.0
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This is a machine which uses redstone and command blocks to let you craft overpowered tools. To get an overpowered tool you will need a set of different items which must be added to a dropper crafting table (and yes, that is not an error). It’s a very clever machine which can provide useful for adventure maps or anywhere that you need a trading system.

How does it work?

Press one of the buttons available on the front of the machine in order to enable it. There are also a few other buttons which you can use to more extensively control the machine.

In front of the machine there is a dropper block. To get any of the overpowered tools you must “craft” it. The next step requires that you are using the “Classic” UI profile layout. You can change this by going into Settings > Advanced Settings > UI Profile > Classic.

Place any type of diamond tool or weapon in the bottom center of the dropper user interface (UI). Then add a nether star to the center and close the dropper UI.

Next time that you open the UI you will get the overpowered item.


Important: This map is limited to alpha users only.