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Ore+ Mod adds four new types of ores to your world. All ores will generate at random, usually in caves and tunnels similarly to where the normal ores can be found. The metals can be used for crafting new items such as a mysteric potion and a delicious salty soup. Since this is the first release it only includes the most basic features. But in the future we can look forward to new weapons, tools and more edible foods.

Copper Ore

The copper ore is generated usually on same places where coal can be mined. The only difference in terms of generation is that they usually is generated in smaller veins.

  • Copper Ore (200)
  • Copper Ingot (600) – dropped by Copper Ores, 1 Copper Ore + 1 Coal
  • Copper Block (210) – 9 Copper Ingots
  • Smelted Copper (511) – 1 Coal + 1 Copper Ingot


The only use for Copper is to make a mysteric potion called Mysteric?. You can find more info about that further down on this page.

Zinc Ore

The zinc is generated on the same layers as iron ores. Currently they are kind of useless as they can only be used for decorating.

  • Zinc Ore (202)
  • Zinc Nugget (602) – dropped by Zinc Ores
  • Zinc Block (212) – 9 Zinc Nuggets


Salt Ore

This ore is generated on similar layers as coal. Salt can be used for cooking food such as Salted Soup (find more info about that further down).

  • Salt Ore (204)
  • Salt (604) – dropped by Salt Ores
  • Salt Block (213) – 9 Salt


Titanium Ore

It’s just as rare as diamonds and the Titanium can be used for making Bulletproof Glass which is much stronger than normal glass. It is also used for creating the Mysteric? potion (scroll down to Other Items to find information about that).

  • Titanium Ore (201)
  • Titanium (601) – dropped by Titanium Ore
  • Titanium Block (211) – 9 Titanium
  • Smelted Titan (512) – 1 Titanium + 1 Coal


Other Items

The ores, ingots and other items can be used for crafting several different items.

Mysteric? Potion: Adds Jump Boost II, Regeneration II

  • Mysteric? (513) – 4 Smelted Copper + 4 Smelted Titan + 1 Potion

Salted Soup: It’s very healthy. Adds a lot of health.

  • Salted Soup (510) – 4 Salt + 1 Mushroom Stew

Bulletproof Glass: Much stronger than ordinary glass.

  • Bulletproof Glass (214) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Titanium
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For 0.14.0
Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebvm9k2g75iqgng/Ore+%20Mod%20%28TEG%29%20r001.zip?dl=1
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