Nyan Lights PE (MultiPlayers) Map for MCPE

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Nyan Lights PE is a minigame racing map for up to four players. Drink the swiftness potion to increase your speed and try to be the first one to reach the finish line without falling down and die. There’s a built-in redstone system which will manage the countdown process to make sure no cheating takes place.


How to play?

After you’ve read and understood the rules then it’s time to start the game. Keep in mind that the map can only be played by up to four players.

Use the levers to indicate how many players will be playing the map.


Get some swiftness and night vision potions from the chests. Drink the swiftness potion before starting. If it’s dark then drink the night vision potion as well.

Make sure all players stand behind the starting line before pressing the button on the red clay block. Once the green light is turned on it’s time to start running.


You can play the map several times. No resetting of anything is needed.


  • Play on survival
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Use swiftness potion before beginning the race
  • Use night vision potion if it gets dark
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