Nukes PE Addon for MCPE

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Nukes PE is a must-have addon for anyone who loves to blow things up. Never place a nuke near any of your own builds (or preferably no one else’s either) as it will cause a lot of damage and sometimes even clearing the ground completely. Use cautiously and make sure you are nowhere near the block when the explosion goes off.

How does it work?

The TNT is replaced by a nuke which is a much more destructive explosive. Its explosion is much greater and it also spawns lots of fire.

Let’s blow up a bridge! I placed down a nuke in the very center of the bridge and then ignited the TNT block using flint & steel.

Mission completed! No one can pass over that bridge again any time soon.

Another use could be for blowing up cargo ships.

The result is quite devastating.

Previously I’ve just used one nuke. Let’s see what happens when I plant them all over a city and ignite one of them with a flint & steel.

This will lag your device! It took literally minutes for all nukes to explode. The final result was this.. everything is gone!

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