Notchs Money Addon for MCPE

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Notch’s Money is a new type of currency which is being introduced in the world of Minecraft. As more dimensions are being explored it’s important to have a currency which unites everyone and allows for commerical enterprises in other places as well such as the Nether or the End. At least, that’s my take on this new situation which this addon introduces!

How does it work?

Do you want to become rich? Venture deep underground in search for dollars to mine! All emerald items and blocks have been replaced by Notch Money. It’s a new type of currency which this addon aims to entirely implement in Minecraft.

There are in total three blocks and items which have been changed.

  • Dollar Block (Block of Emerald)
  • Dollar Ore (Emerald Ore)
  • Notch Money Dollar Bills (Emeralds)

All of them are awesome to use as decorations but they can also be used for other things such as villager trading.

Even villagers will gladly accept the Notch Money in exchange for items. Notch is after all their almighty creator so it makes sense that they would accept a dollar bill with his face on it.

Notch Money appears more frequently in chests than what emeralds did so make sure to check them chests.