No Jumping Map for MCPE

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For 0.16.0
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No Jumping is a new type of minigame which you can play either by yourself or together with a friend. In the game there are several lanes of blocks which will be pushed forward and the objective of the player is to avoid these by moving sideways.
It’s definitely a fun and addictive game.

How to play?

Begin by selecting one of the six levels. The level is basically the speed of the blocks which will be pushed toward you.

Once you are ready enter the game platform and face away from the level buttons. After a few seconds blocks will start being pushed toward you.

Your objective is to try to survive by moving sideways left or right. If you are hit by a block then you will lose one of your health points. Once you’ve lost all your health points you will have to start over.

Spectators can watch an on-going game and they are also allowed to get snowballs to throw at the player to distract him.

Follow the signs in the map to find the multiplayer version of this minigame. For this to work it requires two players. It works similar to the singleplayer game except thart you will compete against another player.