No Griefers for Realms Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which is really useful if you have a Realms server and don’t want griefers to destroy your creations. The wither boss has been disabled and so have TNTs and other things which griefers usually find useful when destroying other people’s creations. This is really a must-have for anyone who have had problems with griefers!

What has been changed?

Here is a list of behaviors which have been changed to make things harder for possible griefers on your Realms server.

  • Wither boss can’t be spawned
  • TNTs (minecarts included) don’t explode
  • Creepers don’t explode
  • Fireballs no longer causes fire. They will still hurt players though.
  • Wither skulls no longer explosive

Griefers are out of business! TNTs will no longer work as intended..

The Wither boss is probably the favorite tool for a griefer. But no more. It will no longer spawn!


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