Naruto Craft Addon for MCPE

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This addon is inspired by a Japanese manga series known as Naruto. In all simplicity, it tells the story of a young ninja and his dreams of becoming the best and most knowledgeable ninja. Here is a great addon for anyone who is a fan of Naruto or just ninjas in general. It replaces a multitude of mobs, weapons and armors. It’s currently quite simple in terms of custom features but hopefully that can improve over time.


The following weapons are dropped by mobs when they are killed.

  • Naruto’s Awesome Move (Bow) – Explosive high damage
  • Explosive Kunai (Egg) – Explosive, huge area of effect
  • Kunai (Snowball) – Deals a lot of damage
  • Shuriken (Ender Pearl) – Deals more damage than the Kunai, dropped by endermen and skeletons
  • Demon Wind Shuriken (Fishing Rod) – Bigger shuriken, one hits most mobs
  • Sasuke’s Sword (Diamond Sword) – Thin but strong blade
  • Samehada – Kisame’s Sword (Stone Sword) – Wielded by Kisame
  • Cleaver Sword (Golden Sword)
  • Combat Kunai (Wooden Sword) – Ninja sword
  • Shinobi Katana (Iron Sword) – Also a type of ninja sword


There are 7 new mobs in Minecraft. Since most of them are dangerous and have the ability to live both during the day and night it’s obvious that the game will get a bit more difficult. But at the same time you got some really nice weapons to help you out.

  • Itachi (Zombie Pigman) – Strong
  • B Class Enemy Ninjas (Skeleton) – Some type of ninja which uses chakra skills on you
  • Konan (Stray) – Uses chakra skills on you
  • Kisame (Wither Skeleton) – Wields a sword
  • Zetsu Clone (Husk) – Very dangerous mob, deals a lot of damage
  • A Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie) – Found both during the day and night, dangerous
  • S Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie Villager) – More rare than the above, but they are also the strongest of all ninjas/shinobis


The armor sets are replaced with a few different Naruto armors (or clothing). The armor sets don’t have any special abilities yet (due to addon limitations).

  • Jounin Armor (Diamond Armor)
  • Akatasuki Clothing (Gold Armor)
  • Naruto’s Jacket and Clothes (Iron Armor)