Mr Porco The Rescue Map for MCPE

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This is a unique type of minigame where you need to save Mr Porco (which is the name of a pig) through a series of obstacle courses. You (and the pig) will be separated on two different platforms and together you will have to find a way to complete each level. You can most likely expect more than 30 minutes worth of gameplay in this map!

How to play?

To start the game get a pig spawn egg from one of the chests and then place it in the chest on top of the hopper. Wait 12 seconds for the pig to spawn. If you haven’t got a carrot then make sure to grab it from one of the chests before entering the game.


Mr Porco will follow you as soon as you’ve got a carrot in your hand but there is a big gap which will keep you separated.

All through the map there are obstacles (often powered by redstone mechanisms) which might kill Mr Porco if you aren’t careful.


Here is an example of a dangerous passage where some blocks pushed Mr Porco off the cliff. If this happens you have to walk back to the last checkpoint.


After you’ve completed a level you will get to a checkpoint. There you will get new items and sometimes you will be given a mission to rescue a new type of animal.

It’s a quite long map with lots of different levels. But everything looks really cool and you will actually come across many great-looking creations throughout the map.

mr-porco-rescue-4 mr-porco-rescue-2

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For 0.16.2
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