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More Swords PE Mod adds 9 swords to the game. Each new weapon has a unique power. For example, the Dawn Star, will set the enemy on fire and the Vampiric Blade will drain the enemy of its blood and regenerate some of your health. The powers of each weapon is nicely balanced and it’s definitely a nice addition to the game.

How to obtain the weapons?

Most of the weapons can be obtained by using one of the crafting recipes found further down on this page.

If you are in surival mode, you can also use the following text chat command to retrieve the weapons or the items required for crafting each weapon.


Let’s have a look at each weapon and see what they can do.

Dawn Star

Sets mobs on fire and deals a total of 6 attack damage per hit.

  • Dawn Star (1610) – 4 blaze powder + 2 magma cream + 1 blaze rod

Draconic Blade

Does 7 attack damage and will remove all active buffs from an enemy.

  • Draconic Blade (1611) – 1 iron ingot + 1 redstone + 2 lapis lazuli + 1 stick + 1 diamond

Eye End Sword

This weapon exists in-game but can’t be crafted. It doesn’t have any unique features yet either.

  • Eye End Sword (1612)

Glacial Edge

Adds a slowness effect to the enemy. It does only 6 attack damage which is the least (or the same to some) compared to all other weapons.

  • Glacial Edge (1613) – 4 ice blocks + 2 packed ice blocks + 1 stick


Poisons the victim and deals a total of 6 attack damage.

  • Gladiolus (1614) – 2 oak leaves + 1 vines + 2 oak sapplings + 1 blue orchid + 1 stick

Vampiric Blade

Drains some of the blood from the enemy (7 attack damage) and regenerates some of yours.

  • Vampiric Blade (1616) – 2 iron ingots + 1 redstone + 2 obsidian + 1 stick

Wither’s Bane

Adds a wither effect to the victim (-1/2 heart every 2 seconds for a little while). The initial hit does 8 attack damage.

  • Wither’s Bane (1617)

Aether’s Guard

It’s supposed to make the attacked mob fly up into the air but that doesn’t work right now. So currently it will just make 8 attack damage which anyway is quite nice.

  • Aether’s Guard (1618) – 2 feathers + 2 diamonds + 2 glowstones + 2 iron ingots + 1 stick

Adminium Ark

Maxed out attack damage (9999999). Overpowered you’d say.

  • Adminium Ark (1619)

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