More Pigs Addon for MCPE

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Pig lovers! Look here! This addon changes four default mobs in Minecraft PE to make them look and behave like pigs while still keeping some of their original features or adding new ones. All of the following mobs will make survival mode more difficult as it gives the mobs better (as well as unrealistic) abilities which they can use against the player.

Which mobs have been replaced?

A creeper disguised as a pig. Don’t fall for this trick because it might cost your life! (Fun tidbit of knowledge: did you know that creepers are based on a failed pig model created by Notch?)

The EnderPig (replaces the mooshroom) behaves and looks similar to an enderman. It’s also quite fast which makes it actually a kind of dangerous mob to come across.

The pig looks very much the same as to before but one thing you will notice is its speed. It’s incredibly fast. Porkchop has never been more difficult to get than now.

Zombie pigs (replace cows) don’t burn in sunlight similar to their zombie friends. This makes them quite dangerous as you can be attacked by them both during the night and day.