More Mutant Creatures Mod for MCPE

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The More Mutant Creatures Mod adds 22 mutant creatures. All of the mobs use customized mob models to provide a new and hopefully more scary experience. All mobs spawn randomly in-game but they are quite rare to find. It’s a really fun mod to play around with and it even comes with a modded map.

Where do they spawn?

The mutant creatures spawn randomly in-game, but their spawn rate is very low. You can use spawn eggs found in the creative inventory to more easily find them. If you want to obtain the spawn eggs in survival mode then we recommend downloading the X-Commands mod.

Another way to spawn them is by using a Chemical X on a pig, zombie, skeleton and so on. This will mutate the mob and turn them into a mutant! (Crafting recipes further down!)

(Remember to set difficult to max otherwise they might not spawn.)

The mutant pigs look quite abnormal. Their feet are much larger. And the cows have antlers.

Here you can see a mutant villager, a mutant zombie villager and a mutant husk and his baby boy. They look are more beefy than their non-mutant relatives.

There are a couple of different zombie mutants. Both big and small ones.

The mutant spider sure look gruesome! The snowman will turn the ground to snow and ice wherever it walks.

There are a few different mutant skeletons. All of them are almost twice the size of the original skeleton and they also much stronger.

The mutant skeletons know how to ride a mount. Here you can see them riding a mutant spider.

In one of the latest update four-legged creeper, a beefed up pigman and a few other mutants were added.

Besides the mobs mentioned there are also a few others. You can find them in the spawn egg list further down or discover them for yourself in-game.

Mob Battles

One thing which is really fun is to watch the mutants fight each other. Currently it seems that it’s only the mutant snow golem which will start the fights. But it definitely adds an extra layer of fun.

(The speech bubble isn’t there in-game but I couldn’t help but add it myself, it looked so funny!)

Spawn Egg IDs

  • Mutant Zombie (2000)
  • Mutant Husk (2001)
  • Mutant Villager (2002)
  • Mutant Spider (2003)
  • Zombie Giant (2004)
  • Mutant Skeleton (2005)
  • Mutant Wither Skeleton (2006)
  • Mutant Stray (2007)
  • Mutant Creeper (2008)
  • Mutant Cow (2009)
  • Mutant Pig (2010)
  • Mutant Iron Golem (2011)
  • Mutant Snow Golem (2012)
  • Mutant Zombie Pigman (2013)
  • Mutant Enderman (2014)
  • Mutant Wolf (2015)
  • Zombie Villager Original (2016)
  • Green Zombie Villager (2017)


Item IDs & Info

  • Mutant Sword (2110) – 1 chemical liquid + 1 diamond sword + 3 obsidian chunk
  • Mutant Wither Skeleton’s Sword (2111) – 2 chemical liquid + 1 stone sword + 1 cobblestone + 1 skeleton mob head OR dropped by mutant wither skeletons
  • Mutant Zombie Pigman’s Sword (2112) – 2 chemical liquid + 1 golden sword + 1 obsidian chunk + 4 iron ingots + 1 raw porkchop OR dropped by mutant zombie pigman’s
  • Obsidian Chunk (2103) – dropped by mutant skeletons
  • Chemical Liquid (2104) – dropped by mutant monsters
  • Bottle of Chemical (2105) – 4 chemical x + 1 glass bottle (info: used for crafting Chemical X)
  • Chemical X (2100) – 4 obsidian + 1 potion OR 4 obsidian chunk + 1 bottle of chemical (info: can be used on zombies, spiders etc to mutate them!)
  • Iron Chemical X (2101) – 1 pumpkin head + 1 chemical x + 3 iron ingots
  • Snow Chemical X (2102) – 1 pumpkin head + 1 chemical x + 3 snowballs