Moldable Tools Mod for MCPE

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Moldable Tools is a clever mod which adds a couple of new items to the game which will automatically shift into the tool which is required for completing a task. This means that instead of bringing lots of different tools (e.g. pickaxe, shovel etc) you can instead just bring some orbs and then use them as you go.

How does it work?

Begin by crafting any of the following items. All of the crafting recipes require moldable dust so make sure to craft some of that first.

  • Wood Orb (ID: 700) – 1 moldable dust + 8 wood planks
  • Stone Orb (ID: 701) – 1 moldable dust + 8 cobblestone
  • Iron Orb (ID: 702) – 1 moldable dust + 8 iron ingots
  • Gold Orb (ID: 703) – 1 moldable dust + 8 gold ingots
  • Diamond Orb (ID: 704) – 1 moldable dust + 8 diamonds
  • Moldable Dust (ID: 705) – 1 redstone + 1 diamond + 1 lapis lazuli

A moldable ore will turn into the item which is required for the task at hand. Let’s say you want to cut down a tree. Then all you need to do is to use a moldable orb and you will automatically get the item you need which in this case is an axe.

You can then use the axe to cut down the tree. Pretty neat, huh?

Important: This mod is only for Android and requires BlockLauncher.

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