Mobzilla Addon for MCPE

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This addon adds Mobzilla (which is most likely an inspiration of Godzilla) to the game. It’s a new type of boss which you can spawn in your world similar to spawning an iron golem and it provides an epic challenge for anyone who is brave enough to try. Once it is spawned there is no turning back and it’s up to you to defeat this imminent threat to the Overworld.

Spawning Mobzilla

To spawn Mobzilla you will need four iron blocks and a pumpkin. Create a structure as seen in the image down below and then place the pumpkin on the center of the iron structure to spawn the Mobzilla boss.

Mobzilla is much larger than most other mobs in Minecraft. It’s neutral though and this means that it will only go to attack if it’s the one which is being attacked first.

General Information

  • Health: 200 hearts
  • Attack damage: 10 – 30 per hit
  • Immune to fire
  • Main attack: shooting large fireballs
  • Replaces iron golem

It has twice as much health as the Ender Dragon and its main attack is to throw large fireballs. Make sure to get at least a diamond weapon and some protective armor before you try to kill it.

The loot isn’t too amazing but you have to understand that killing Mobzilla means more than just treasures. After all, you saved humanity from total destruction and can be proud of your remarkable feat.