Mobility+ Mod for MCPE 0.13.0

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Author: _Sin0psysS_
Compatible with MCPE: 0.13.0

Mobility+ is the ultimate parkour mod as it adds multiple features related to moving and jumping in Minecraft. Avoid obstacles by wall jumping and kill mobs by stomping on them are just some of the things you can do with this mod.

Safe Landing & Stomping

No matter how far of a fall you are experiencing the landing is no longer much of a danger. Simply tap the boots button (which is marked with green in the image below) while falling to avoid any fall damage. If you are using wall jumping, fast mode or dashing you don’t have to press the button as this feature will be automatically triggered on such occasions.

If any mobs are in the nearby perimeter of where you are landing then they will automatically die on the moment of your impact. This is known as stomping.


Wall Jumping

If you are falling down beside a wall tap on the boots button to grab onto the wall and push yourself away in the opposite direction. The same feature can be applied by jumping toward a wall and then tap the button to push yourself away.


Fast Mode

Double tap on the boots button to activate fast mode. Fast mode increases the jumping height and running speed. The mode lasts for 6 seconds and stomping and safe landing are triggered automatically during this period.



Double tap the boots button in air and you will be boosted up into the sky. It’s similar to flying expect that you must consistently press the button to avoid hitting the ground.


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For 0.13.0

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