Mob Spawning Randomizer

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This addon shuffles the spawning of all mobs that spawn naturally. For example, nether mobs can now take the spawning rules of overworld mobs and vice versa. Spawners are unaffected.

Spawn Types

  • Overworld Animal
  • Overworld Monster
  • Water Creatures
  • Nether Creatures

These seeds were randomly generated so they can generate a difficult/impossible seed if for example were to ghasts spawn in overworld or endermen that spawn in water.

All of these screenshots were taken using seed #2. If you want a more difficult challenge consider downloading the recipe randomizer addon and the mob loot randomizer.


Download the behavior pack for the addon to work correctly. When creating your world use experimental mode or the addon will not work! I use adfly to earn money from making these addons. If you dont know how to use adfly either don’t download the addon or watch a tutorial!