Mob Fishing Map for MCPE

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Mob Fishing is a new type of minigame which lets you compete against friends in a fishing tournament. However, the fishing is a little bit different from ordinary fishing as here your objective is to fish pigs, cows and other types of mobs to collect points. It’s a really fun and challenging minigame to play with friends.

How to play?

This map requires at least two players and a maximum of four players. Once all players have entered the map and read the rules you can walk out into the fishing area.

Begin by pressing the wooden button to enable the mob spawning system. And then also set a timer (in real life), e.g. 10 minutes, to decide when the game ends.


Then find your chest, put your assigned clothes on and take the fishing pole from the chest.


Use your fishing pole to try and catch as many mobs you can. You catch mobs by aiming at the mob which you want to catch, press Fish and then press Fish again to try to make it land in your pool of water.


Once the timer has stopped it’s time to end the game and collect your points. In this case, I got 12 points!


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