Mob Factions Addon for MCPE

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This addon makes the different mobs in Minecraft go to battle based on their faction. In the makings of their alliances one of the mobs decided to aid you and that is the creeper. You will definitely need their help seeing as all other hostile mobs show nothing but hostility and as of now war seems to be inevitable.

The New World Order

You’ve got a new best friend and that’s the creeper. It no longer attacks players, instead it will be trying to cause harm to other hostile mobs such as the spider.

The guardians are vicious sea creatures who will kill anything which come a little too close to the ocean. So stay out if you can!

The witches have formed an alliance with the undead. During battles with other mobs they will help them out by throwing health potions at them. It’s a little buggy though since I noticed that sometimes they accidentally throw poison at them when they are trying to hit an enemy.

Here is a list of all of the changes which you will notice for the behaviors for hostile mobs in-game.

  • Creepers
    • Friendly to players, witches and zombie villagers
    • Red marking around their body
    • Will try to explode hostile mobs
  • The Bones (Skeletons & Strays)
    • Attacks creepers and spiders
    • Blue marking on their head
  • The Bugs (Spiders & Silverfish)
    • Attacks undead and witches
    • Spiders might hesitate attacking due to their past history
  • The Zombies (Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Husks & Zombie Villagers)
    • Zombies and Husks have a green marking on their body
  • The Hell Mobs (Blazes, Wither Skeletons & Ghasts)
    • Attacks anything which moves
    • Wither Skeletons have a red mark on their forehead
    • Ghasts have purple war paint
  • The Fish (Guardians & The Elder Guardian)
    • Attacks anything they previously attacked and most of the monsters
    • Their main objective is to protect the Elder and rule the ocean
  • The Witches
    • Heals undead creatures that are dying
    • Attacks spiders that try to attack them or the undead